Sunday, March 6, 2011

Getting kids to eat healthy

One of the ways we get our kids to eat healthier is by joining the CSA(Community Supported Agriculture). You could also just go to the farmers market to buy what is in season and use the cookbook "Simply in Season" by Cathleen Hockman-Wert and Mary Beth Lind. I show them the variety and ask them what should we make with all this pretty food. Below is a picture of dinner tonight. I had more salad but ate it before I thought to take a photo.
Red Russian Kale with vinaigrette, steak with cremini mushrooms sautéed with onions,
and grilled fingerling sweet potatoes
 Ok, you may not think your kids would eat such a meal but they need to be trying new and healthy foods all the time so they can experience new tastes. I know my children get stuck on certain foods if we don't change with the seasons.  I didn't make my son eat mushrooms and onions but he ate the rest. Later he had an apple with crispy walnuts for a snack. For kids to be getting all their vitamins and minerals they should be eating many colors. Greens are essential for balancing out all the other foods that are more acidic in nature. We also try to eat all the different foods that are in our growing season because they are beneficial to our bodies in that season. So as a family decide to eat healthier, eat a rainbow of colors, cook together and try new recipes... It may just surprise you what your children will eat when they get involved.
If they still give you guff about eating greens try adding zucchini finely chopped to meatloaf, pasta sauce, and casseroles. Oh there are many wonderful ways to get those vegetables in our diet.
Need to learn more about nutrition yourself to nourish your family well, then checkout these links below.
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