Sunday, November 27, 2011

Home Again

After spending the last 2 weeks farm sitting at a goat farm I am ready to be home and elfing. Yes, you heard me "elfing"; making things for my family for Christmas. After years of making things for them I now start to get requests for homemade goodies.
This year they are getting:
*Mug Rugs, new mugs, special hot cocoa mix, peppermint straws, cookies to decorate,
*More fabric envelopes to hold pen pal letters and drawing supplies for church
*DIY Wonderball with marbles, candy, charms, and collectible rocks
*New boo boo packs in their favorite fabric
Not as many homemade items this year since we were busy farm sitting many weeks this fall not to mention some vacations. So next year like many years I will start earlier on some new mittens, pj pants, and pillow cases in flannel.
Here are a few photos from last Christmas.
Stockings filled with knitting supplies, games in tins, chocolate, candy cane, and felting supplies. 

Cookies to decorate

The tree only had white lights on it when we arrived so we added paper snowflakes and paper Ogees
(Ogee directions can be found HERE )

Paper Ogee