Monday, February 28, 2011

A new class to jump start my spring

Oh, I have been having winter cooking blues. I am sooo a soup person but the rest of the family is not. So I am very much looking forward to spring to give us some new local foods to play with. I am also dreaming of opening my windows for fresh air and digging in the dirt to plant those first seeds. With my spirits renewed every spring I getting excited for spring and summers bounty, the end of regular school days, and the preserving of the bounty God gives us in those seasons. I am all about learning how our great grandparents kept and preserved fruits, vegetables, dairy, and meat. So I signed up(finally) for classes on how to do lacto-fermentation to culture all those foods. I am a visual learner so video tutorials are a great thing. The site for these classes is here at Nourished Kitchen. If you sign-up today they send you a link for a free e-book with yummy recipes.
My first attempts at making fermented foods other then yogurt were not so successful. I was assured that I will get better at it as I learn what to do with these courses. 


  1. What seeds have you been planting already?? I want to ,too!

  2. Well this weekend sometime we want to pick up 3 bags compost, 3 bags peat moss, and 3 bags coarse vermiculite(square foot gardening ratio) to mix for the garden. Need to get my hands dirty and wake up those worms. Then on March 14th we will plant peas, maybe something else but I am thinking on that. I am just using seeds from last year. Brian tells me continue on till the Lord shows us differently.