Friday, August 26, 2011

A Scattered Life

Feeling a little scattered at the moment.... why you might ask.

  • trying to figure out why spell check said almost every word was wrong.... it was on German setting!
  • reading to many books at one time
  • even after cleaning out the whole house top to bottom with things I won't use... I still have enough winter projects for the next few years
  • trying to figure out what I want to can this late summer since I am feeling like I don't know when the Lord may move us (hoping for spring and not late fall to winter)
  • not knowing if we are staying here in Pa or moving to Maine (faith like a mustard seed, right)
  • we are into a rhythm with each subject(homeschool) but trying to set-up our day so I can spend time with each child..... I only have 2 and I can't imagine having more to schedule
  • lastly trying to schedule 4 home remodeling adventures for the next 12 weeks(roof, basement windows, kitchen, and yard overhaul) 
  • planning on making up 60 mason jar meals to have on our pantry shelves for winter but found I only have 2 cases of jars left
As we exit summer to glide through fall and into winter I hope the calm and rhythm of home sets in for what I consider to be "stay at home" days. Dreams of hot cocoa, leaves or snow falling, warm meals, warm sweaters, stocked pantry shelves, lots of books and new knitting projects! Ok, now I am feeling a bit more focused!
When do you feel scattered and overwhelmed?
Where will our next nest be? (this is an osprey nest in Maine)