Friday, October 21, 2011

Preparing for Transition

What if someone told you that you may be temporarily living in an RV with your 2 kids.... homeschooling them, crafting with them, and having just plain fun for months... what would you take? What in your home is worth paying to store? Well that may just be our situation at some point in the next few years. I am seriously being led to pair things way down and streamline life. Just about the time you think you have things cleaned out you find more things you NEVER use. Now I do like to hang on to practical things like canning jars, fabric, books, and a few sentimental things but a lot can go. I only have one bin left in my attic to go through and a basement that needs a second going through and then I should be good for storage. Makes me grateful to be living small already.
    Why an RV you ask?
Well my husband and I did it for 5 months when our landlord at the time wouldn't go month to month and we were looking to buy a house. We bought a 27 foot RV for a little over $2000 and sold it for the same price 5 months later. It is a great way to transition from one situation to another and save a little over renting a place and being locked into a month to month or a year lease. Also the kids see it as an extended vacation. As long as there are trails to hike, lakes to kayak, pools to swim, fields to fly kites in(we fly rokkaku and stunt kites) and camp fires to make mountain pies over we see it as an adventure.
Something else to ask yourself; how often do you get outside to do things you always SAY your going to do? Like hiking a certain spot, fishing, laying on the grass looking at the stars for hours, catching lightening bugs, or sitting around a camp fire? When we did this for 5 months it was the best time of our lives. Very little bills, free time to spend enjoying God's creation all around us, more time to help others, and less stress. Now mind you this works best during spring through fall and we are looking to move north so it is temporary at best. The nice thing is we can pack our favorite things to make it home. It is nice that things like ipods, laptops, and Legos are all small. Here are a few pics from our last trip that are inspiring us to do this as a transition..... maybe you want to do the same some day.
Great Pond, ME

On top of Bald Mountain

Bald Mountain, Maine

Blueberry fields starting to turn red in fall

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