Thursday, October 6, 2011

10 Good Things... or more

I like Amanda Soule's 10 things she posts on so here is my version.
Roasted fall vegetables(beets, parsnips, squash, potatoes, carrots, onions, and sweet potatoes in walnut oil)
Leaving the windows open
Watching the squirrels be silly(we could sit at the window all day)
The garden and the market overflowing with yummy fall produce(need to stock up)
Red leaves falling
De-cluttering once more and finding treasures
Finishing up the last of the canning and seeing the shelves full
Working on Christmas gifts
Planning new knitting projects
Snuggling up with my family on a windy evening

Oh, here are 10 more... I can't help myself
Homemade hot cocoa
Telling stories of days gone by
Letting go of THINGS
Quiet mornings with the Lord and my own thoughts
Fall fairs
Remembering last week sitting staring at the stars at night and the sunrise over the lake in the morning
A basketful of apples and pears
Friends and family that love you because of who you are and despite your flaws
A new writing program that everyone is excited about
Kisses in the morning

God is good. Blessings don't get lost as easily when you write them down. I think writing them down and declaring them is another way we say thanks to God for these times in our lives. Here are some photos to go along with my thoughts. Now you go share ten good things too!
Our CSA pears, peaches, and apples galore

Working on Christmas presents

A Red Waddle Pig at the Common Ground Fair Unity Maine
I love the harness... they are little hard to catch otherwise

Love and memories tied up in one little flower... 

You have to love our area with it's 4 seasons 

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