Friday, September 2, 2011

The Rhythm of Family

Enjoying my copy of Amanda and Stephen Soule's new book "The Rhythm of Family. Reading it brings back memories I didn't realize were fading. I am thankful they brought words and photos to the seasons and moments that I cherish as well. A wonderful book with activities and reminders of the wonderful changing creation around us. God is good!
So around here I am starting to feel the cool dewy mornings of fall creeping into the end of the summer. Even though questions of our future pop in now and then we try to live fully today. Mornings are my time to reflect and hug the moments I cherish most in my heart. Finishing projects that are long overdue and starting Christmas gifts is what happens around here the end of summer. It gives me time to be creative and let things develop. I love when the kids peak and ask if something is for them. They love my handmade gifts. Gavin has caught the spirit and bought a book to make softies. He is filled with ideas for gifts. Today momma promised to wash his fabric so he can start cutting. Yeah, I love when creativity is contagious..... now only if the reading would catch on.
My stash of some yummy fabrics and some of my favorite books for sewing.  

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