Saturday, May 13, 2017

Habits and Rhythms to Our Day-part 2

    Now for the practical stuff.... we all go through different seasons of life and we all have different priorities, jobs, skill set, etc. So I am going to give you MY practical and you can glean from it. So a typical week for us looks like this...
Monday I wake around 6 to make coffee and start my day. A brief trip to the bathroom to pat my hair down and wash my face before heading downstairs to boil the water for the french press coffee and take out the dog. A short devotion, prayer, and feed the dog. Then my husband and Little get up, brush teeth, wash face, get dressed, and come downstairs for breakfast. My husband goes out to take care of meat chickens, feed the wood boiler and back in to finish up before heading to work. I throw a load of laundry in, brush my teeth, get dressed, make the bed, and fill out my middle child's planner for the week. Start to get brunch ready for middle and oldest. Do a few activities with the Little(3). Other two join us to eat, finish caring for the other animals(2 cows, a goat, chickens in 2 places, rabbits, and 2 cats), and then thier school work. Change laundry. Help middle for about 30 minutes with math and science. At around 2:30 the Little gets crazy and occasionally naps but most often we go outside to play and explore. In summer it will flip and mornings will be outside and afternoons resting or playing games. Then my 2 oldest watch the youngest so I can make dinner. Daddy comes home, we eat, and relax together. Then to bed. Start all over again. The rest of the week I continue checking things off my mental list. The list is laundry, swish toilets, wipe sinks and mirrors, wash dishes, sweep, separate laundry, and general tidying. By the end of the week I am done with my list. I only put away my clothes and the Little's clothes; which is only about 40 items each. The Little helps with dusting, laundry, wiping down windows, cleaning off the table, putting away groceries, feeding the cats, and helping daddy. My middle and my husband put their own laundry away and my daughter often does her own laundry. My middle takes care of trash, recycling, collecting eggs, the dog poop, taking the dog out, taking the compost out, and some light gardening. My daughter cleans the hay room, takes care of cows/goat(grooming, trimming hooves, shots, etc.), her rabbits, and general maintenance on fences, hutches, etc. She has also helped with painting, gardening, and building things around the farm. As a family we cut, split and stack wood together. The weekend we either plan something fun or work on farm projects. Sunday afternoon every other week I do a little meal prep so I am ready for the next week. That could be making granola, chopping vegetables or fruit, making salad dressings, or mixing up meatballs or meatloaf. The children often take turns helping. We only shop every two weeks so my menu usually gets repeated the second week to make for easier shopping and cooking.  So that is the weekly. My daughter does work at a horse farm part-time at the moment but she now has her license and my middle has scouts and co-op once a week but other then the occasional appointment we are home. This is key to keeping things flowing. Don't have yourself or your family so busy all the time that you can't take care of the health, cleanliness, and rest that everyone needs.
    My monthly list- I wash the sheets, dust and sweep behind furniture, scrub shower/tub/sinks, and mop the floor. I do one of these each week spread over the month. These are all habits I have cultivated over the years. I gleaned from others and found what worked for me and my home. Since I do a swish and swipe throughout the week I find things don't get real yucky. You may find you need to do something more or something less depending on your family.
    Each season of life and each season in the year this gets tweaked slightly. But the rhythm and habits flow none the less. I hope that was helpful. I know it sounds silly to look at someone's simple day but often times it is just a reaffirmation to keep you motivated.

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