Saturday, March 17, 2012

Taking care of wooden kitchen tools

This week I decided as I was cleaning out the pantry and organizing everything that I should also clean my wooden spoons. Something like at the end of summer gardening you clean and oil your tools to help them last a long time. Well I had never done this before because I never researched what to clean and oil my wooden tools with other then petroleum products. Since I have a nice collection of wooden tools some of which I spent a nice sum of money on to support local crafters I decided at the end of a hard winters use I should refresh them to help them last a long time... but with what? So after some research I found that a simple oil and beeswax paste would be the best thing to use. You can make your own or buy something already made up. I didn't realize how beneficial this little task would end up being. I took a cloth put a little paste on it and started to rub all over my lovely wooden tools. I then set them on the table to dry and absorb all that bee goodness. After part of the afternoon passed I wiped them down a bit and put them back in my wooden tool crock and back to their place on my counter. Later I decided to mix up some bread to soak overnight. I always use a wooden spoon to incorporate everything and boy was I surprised how easy that spoon came clean. The bread I am making gets pretty shaggy and makes it hard to clean my spoon. I don't like to soak my spoons so it takes some scrubbing to get it clean.... but not anymore. So go spend a little quiet time waxing your lovely cherished wooden tools so they keep on doing their job or get the kids to help. After I was all done with the task I rubbed the bee goodness that was left on my fingers into my hands... gotta love multi-purpose products.


  1. So, did you make your own? If so, what kind of oil? Nice collection of wooden spoons. I have the same double roller (I'm sure it has a real name), I love mine.

  2. I have the same question: what kind of oil? I've used coconut oil in the past , is there something better?

  3. I did not make my own this time but I probably will in the future. If you click on the word "own" in the post it will take you to a recipe that uses a mix of oils but a few recipes I found they used only jojoba oil or olive oil with beeswax. I would say what ever you have on hand or like the smell of. It is one of those relaxing home tasks that you should enjoy the experience with your senses. :0)