Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Homeschooling a more natural way

Homeschooling is an adventure not for the faint of heart. It will stretch and grow you like nothing else will. I do believe God in all His wisdom had this teaching thing all figured out. It definitely keeps the teacher humble, grow in patience and to be more like Him as we watch our children over years blossom as He watches us do the same. After watching the "Back to Eden" dvd about gardening and really listening to how God gardens. He does it with time and consistency... makes me think we do just the same when we raise our children.
 This year we chose not to attend a wonderful homeschool co-op that we had previously attended for 8 years. With that came some challenges that I did not expect. My kids gravitated to their natural way of learning. I fought it for years so we could conform and attend the co-op except when we would go on vacation we would learn and explore. Now not bound by that they are asking to do school a different way(really this is effecting history and science.) Every vacation we have is filled with history hands-on and nature discovery... so we now are making our way to a more Charlotte Mason way of schooling. So instead of using bits and pieces of both a classical curriculum and Charlotte Mason resources we will focus on more of the latter.

We also love timelines and have used different ones. Emma likes the Homeschool School in the Woods timeline but Gavin likes the one here at Hold that Thought(I have posted an offer below from their site) This week as I sort through my books I will share more great sites that we have found useful.

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